Arborpolitan is a Brooklyn-based arboriculture firm with the goal of using sustainable and ecological methods to care for urban trees, gardens, and other green spaces. We are founded with the belief that knowledge of our trees, shrubs, and landscapes is essential to properly treating the problems they face. This knowledge helps in diagnosing symptoms, allowing us to prescribe the proper remedy to each individual case we come upon in the most ecological methods possible.

Our goal is to use proper cultural, biological, and mechanical methods to treat your landscape, saving chemical applications as a last resort.

Arborpolitan values our client relationship from the small backyard gardener to the city park manager. We are passionate about our work and feel an open exchange of knowledge between us and our clients is key to solving issues.

Our firm consists of schooled arborists and gardeners who have received training for years in our field and continue to maintain our education and certification.