Appreciating trees——and their critical role in our ecosystem and well-being——allows us to respect them as living, breathing subjects that are impacted by our choices.

Appreciating Trees as a Crucial Urban Resource 1

Don’t need to wait for Arbor Day to celebrate the beautiful trees of NYC! We can all appreciate how trees transform our environment and contribute to our well-being.

Did you know that trees talk to each other? Or that they boost our collective mood? Or that  in NYC, trees remove 2,200 tons of air pollution each year? Indeed, trees are truly amazing!

If you’re curious to learn more about trees watch a short TedX video about their secret language, read an article from the Greater Good Science Center about trees’ impact on mental health, or learn some awesome facts about our urban forest from NYC’s Million Trees Initiative.

We pride ourselves in promoting the benefits of trees through methods that support their longterm health. When a tree isn’t thriving, we recommend removal only as a last resort, first looking at plant biology and environmental factors, pest and disease management, and options like pruning or structural reinforcement. We also love sourcing and planting new trees, and are happy to recommend species that thrive not only regionally, but also in each exact location.

If you or a neighbor have questions or concerns about a tree, reach out! Our certified arborists are happy to advise your process.

Now go hug a tree!