Get advice from certified professionals.

We’re here to help you make informed decisions when it comes to your trees and property. From single trees to large-scale projects, we’re experienced working with architects and property developers, home owners, condo boards, block associations, campuses, estates and municipalities to issue reports and inform projects.

Tree Preservation • Tree Risk Assessments • Construction Planning • Tree Inventories • Large-Scale Tree & Garden Planning • Soil Testing & Analysis • Arborist Reports • Garden Reviews & Care Plans • New Home Owners • Comunity Garden Workshops • Education Tree Walks

Tree Preservation & Construction Planning

Protect, preserve, and rehabilitate important trees through proven arboricultural methods. If a tree has been damaged or is in decline, we can assess whether it can be saved, and provide a plan to help support its longevity.

Planning a renovation or building project near existing trees? It’s important to involve a certified arborist in the early phases before construction begins. We can determine the tree’s critical root zone, and steps to mitigate damage, both above and below the soil.

Tree Risk Assessments

If you are concerned about the safety of a tree, our TRAQ-certified arborists can review and issue a comprehensive report. For trees that may pose risks to property and people, our goal is to help you better understand a tree’s risk level through data that assists your decision about whether to keep or remove it.

Tree Inventories

Are you interested in knowing what trees are on your property? We can identify the species, label, and tag trees, and gather health data on each tree. Large campuses or properties with large quantities of trees can benefit from regular tree inventories to track trees’ health over time and address emerging needs.

Large-Scale Landscape Planning

Arborpolitan can provide advice for planting the right species in the right locations during large-scale landscape projects, ensuring costly projects are set up for long-term success.

Arborist Reports

Whether for posterity, legal reasons, construction projects, neighbor relations or simply to have formal documentation, we can provide a report from an ISA-Certified arborist on the health and state of your trees or gardens.

Garden Reviews & Care Plans

We evaluate the needs of your landscape and write a plan to address any issues found during the visit. During an onsite walkthrough, you can ask any questions and we can discuss recommendations, including a write-up of our observations.

Soil Testing & Analysis

Understanding the composition of your soil is crucial in determining what actions to take to support your tree or garden’s health. Often, urban soil is deficient in key nutrients and a soil test is the first step to remedying the root cause. Arborpolitan offers soil analysis and testing that can be performed onsite, or in partnership with leading universities. Based on test results, we can determine a customized program to bolster the soil’s ability to support life.

New Home Owners

New to the neighborhood and curious about what’s going on in your landscape? We can help you get acquainted with your property and how to best manage it.


Interested in teaching your volunteers or staff more about arboriculture? We love sharing the science of trees in hands-on classes for community gardens and schools. We offer bespoke workshops on small tree pruning basics, identification of pests and diseases, soil cultivation, and more.

Tree Walks

Take a walk with one of our arborists through your neighborhood or landscape to discuss the various species of trees and plants and their history. Whether for yourself or with a small group, educational “Tree Walks” are designed to help you brush up on local tree science and connect with the environment.


Get advice from certified professionals.

Whether planting a new garden, preserving a mature oak tree root system during construction, or planning a large-scale Plant Health Care program for your estate or campus, we are more than happy to provide our experiences in arboriculture towards giving you the best advice. We conduct hazardous tree assessments, identification plaques, soil quality testing, and other advanced testing using local university labs.