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Love your garden!

As busy New Yorkers, our green spaces provide an important contrast to city life, inviting us to connect with simple pleasures, peace and enjoyment. Trees and gardens are also home to birds, pollinators and other wildlife important to our urban ecosystem. We can help you make the most of your garden with locally-sourced plantings, seasonal maintenance and more.

"We're so pleased with the garden installation!! The crew did a fantastic job, and we're excited to see how the landscape will evolve over the seasons, like our beautiful front yard that you did a few years ago."

Mai, Bed-Stuy

Garden Cleanup & Maintenance

Seasonal garden care visits are customized to your goals. Weeding and light pruning grooms garden areas and tames back overgrowth. Fine-shaping of shrubs, vines, flowering plants, and small trees increases light and airflow, helping balance mold, fungi, and insect numbers. Natural, undyed mulch helps suppress weed growth, retain soil moisture, and feed plants as they decompose. We can also compost fallen leaves and other plant matter directly into your soil to keep existing organic nutrients onsite and encourage a healthy ecosystem from the ground up.

Planting & Installation

Refresh your garden with annuals, perennials, ornamentals, shrubs, or trees sourced from local nurseries. We handle partial to large-scale garden installations for homes, businesses, campuses, condos, and block associations, and can recommend species best suited for each garden area. We take great care in properly installing plantings for tree pits, front and rear gardens, terraces, courtyards, rooftops, and planters. After planting, mulching, and fertilizing, we can follow up with complete services for ongoing maintenance and care. If you’re seeking a formal garden design process or hardscaping, we’re happy to refer you to several talented designers we partner with.

Organic Mosquito Treatment

During the summer season, organic garlic and cedar oil treatments are a great add-on to a garden maintenance plan. They act as natural mosquito repellents for 1-2 weeks after application, helping you enjoy those summer evenings. For a more robust treatment, we can use chrysanthemum flower extract, a natural pesticide for mosquitos and other insects.

Bat Boxes

We build beautiful hand-crafted bat boxes in-house. Each wooden box is made to order and properly installed to encourage bat habitation in your garden. You can view our fact sheets on bat benefits and bat boxes to learn more.

Seasonal Pruning Plans

We offer seasonal pruning and shaping of woody plants, trees, and privacy hedges. Benefits include beautification, letting more light in, aesthetic upkeep, and encouraging healthy growth. During garden maintenance visits, small trees and shrubs are hand-pruned according to industry standards and aesthetic considerations, and the area is left clean and tidy.

Vine Maintenance

Vines need care too: we offer pruning and, if desired, removal of vines.


From single trees to complex garden scapes, from design to completion.

While we are at home planting trees and shrubs in a variety of locations, we also have a wide array of projects large and small that have incorporated perennials, annuals, sod, and stonework. We can work with your aesthetic and space to completely design a garden scape or implement yours. We are working on collecting images and descriptions of past projects, which we will include on this website moving forward.

In addition to common planting methods, we are happy to incorporate organic soil amendments that are known for, improving the longevity of your garden. When combined with our expert knowledge of trees and pruning services, Arborpolitan is a proven all-inclusive garden care service.

“Thank you for designing such a gorgeous tree bed, and for sending such knowledgeable and kind gardeners to make it extra special.”

Jenny, Brooklyn Heights