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From light trims to major pruning and branch removal, proper pruning is essential for trees young and old. Structural pruning of young and ornamental trees allows for better long-term health and directional growth, and removal of decay and deadwood from mature trees allows older trees to heal and close wounds. Whether for a tree’s health, safety of pedestrians, or aesthetic purposes, Arborpolitan can provide a pruning regimen to match your landscape’s needs and help trees thrive. Pruning for most species can be performed year-round.

Removal & Stump Grinding

As a last resort, or in case of emergency, Arborpolitan can assist in dismantling and removing large and small trees. With the expertise and equipment to safely carry out a proper plan, we handle the entire removal process while protecting nearby property and pedestrians. Arborpolitan can provide stump grinding of large stumps in open sites and grinding of smaller stumps and roots in rear gardens and other closed-off areas.

Tree Planting

Improper planting can compromise a tree’s health years down the road; we specialize in the best practices and follow-up care to help trees flourish long-term. With trees & shrubs sourced from local nurseries, we can accommodate your requests and recommend the best species to thrive in your garden. We include tips and programs to care for new plantings, which are essential to giving your tree a solid start during its early years and beyond.

Street Trees

Street trees are subject to many environmental stressors, and often require extra care. We handle the permit application process to perform expedited work on city street trees and the soil within their tree pits. We love planting new street trees and caring for them seasonally as they grow, and our planting packages come with a guarantee.

Large Tree Management

Our skilled climbers are experts in technical rigging techniques and we specialize in large tree management. When site access allows, we are able to incorporate a bucket truck to access tall canopies. Our careful crews adhere to strict safety guidelines and get the job done without the use of tree-damaging spikes that are, unfortunately, still too common in our line of work.


When a tree limb is weak or compromised, cabling can stabilize the tree’s structure, reducing chances of falling branches and storm damage. Cabling can also guide directional growth. We assess the need for cabling, properly install steel cable systems, and inspect existing cabling to help keep your tree safe in the long run.

Storm Work & Hazards

Snapped, downed or dangling limbs often need attention ASAP. While we are a small team, we handle urgent and hazardous requests whenever possible, and work on-call after major weather events.

Root Collar Excavation

When a tree is planted too deep, or when mulch or soil is piled too high, it can cause girdling roots that wrap around the trunk and essentially choke the tree off from nutrient sources in the soil. It’s a surprisingly common issue we see, largely due to improper planting and mulching. To diagnose and remedy the problem, we carefully perform root collar excavations to examine and prune the roots, add nutrients, and re-bury the tree properly.

Air Spading

Wielding a spike with air traveling at a Mach 2 velocity, the Air Spade aerates and excavates soil around a tree without damaging its root system. This is an invaluable tool when digging large holes or trenches around an existing tree. When soil is overly compacted, the Air Spade can help restore a tree’s access to air, water, and nutrients, and encourage healthy root development, increasing the tree’s healthy lifespan.


Transplanting can easily shock a tree and requires a meticulous process to preserve as much of the root structure as possible. When necessary, we handle transplanting with the utmost care to boost the chances it will acclimate to its new location.

Tree Health Care

For stressed or struggling trees, our dedicated Plant Health Care crews provide a range of remedies, from pest and disease management to soil analysis, aeration and nutrient amendments.

“Your service was excellent from the initial visit to the tree inspection, pruning and deep root feeding. All of your employees were knowledgeable and helpful. And I appreciate that they were careful with the existing garden and removal of debris. I will highly recommend Arborpolitan for future clients.”

Virginia, Prospect Heights

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