“Can we prune in cold weather?” We perform pruning year-round, and cold seasons are particularly great times to prune. Trees and plants that drop leaves are focused on their roots during the seasons with less sunlight. Pruning now will allow a whole year for the tree or plant to heal during the spring and summer growth. Insects and fungal pathogens are also less active, which lets us prune certain species of tree without worrying about oak wilt or beech leaf disease transmission.

Winter Pruning of Oaks and Elms: Winter is an excellent time to prune the majority of tree species. Yet for oaks and elms, pruning during the coldest months is critical to avoid spreading oak wilt and Dutch elm disease, which spread easily in warmer weather. The NY State Department of Environmental Conservation calls for pruning oaks from October to February, and the recommended window for pruning elms is October to April. If you have an oak or elm, now is the best time to book a consultation for winter pruning.

At Arborpolitan, our work outdoors continues year-round. Winter is the ideal time to:

  • Prune trees and shrubs for appearance, healthy growth, and building clearance
  • Assess tree health concerns
  • Remove trees and deadwood
  • Plant deciduous trees
  • Perform soil testing and revitalization
  • Plan your springtime garden