Our Approach

Substaining Urban Greenspaces

Since our founding in 2010, we’ve focused on sustainable and ecological methods to care for trees, gardens, and green spaces throughout New York City.

Deep Expertise

Our firm consists of schools arborists and gardeners who have received training for years in our field and continue to maintain education and certification. We believe a working knowledge of urban trees, shrubs and landscapes is essential to properly treating the unique problems they face.

Holistic & Organic-First

We strive to respect the symbiosis between people and nature. With a holistic and organic-first approach, we save chemical applications as last resort, explore alternatives to removals when possible, and consider the long-term health of the sites we serve.

Sharing What We Know

Our clients are the heart of our business. From the small backyard gardener to the city park manager, we aim to create an open exchange of knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

Our team

Each job is planned and managed by an ISA certified arborist…

About 1

Justin Rawson

Owner, Lead Arborist

About 2

Aaron Smith

Lead Arborist

About 4


Plant Health Care Manager

And expertly carried out by our certified field arborists, plant health care technicians,
climbers, grounds crew, and client support team.

About 5

Ethan Woods

Arborist, Safety Lead

About 6

Michael Alfano

ISA Certified Arborist, Climber, Equipment Manager

About 7

Frankie Iozzio

ISA Certified Arborist, Climber, Sustainability Coordinator

About 8

Amanda Leighton

ISA Certified Arborist, Climber

About 9

Mike Caruso

Crew Member/Ground Crew

About 12

Martin Fritz Huber

Climber/Ground Crew

About 13

Jordan Paul

Climber/Ground Crew

About 14

Chris O'Neil

Climber/Ground Crew

About 15

Elizabeth Arce

Administrative Coordinator

...And expertly carried out by our certified field arborists, plant health care technicians, climbers, grounds crew, and client support team.

Serving NYC Since 2010.

Founded in 2010 by Justin Rawson and soon joined by Aaron Smith, Arborpolitan’s early days focused on plant health care and gardening for terraces, rooftops, townhomes, and city parks in Manhattan. From day one, the intention was to focus on organic and ecological practices and sustainable methods, bringing “the forest floor” and nutrients found in those healthy soils to the urban environment. By YEAR, we had expanded to offer arboricultural services and tree care, applying our expertise in climbing and rigging to work with larger trees. In YEAR we moved our hub to Red Hook, Brooklyn with an office and yard to accommodate our growing team and fleet of trucks and chippers. Today our crews disperse in all seasons to jobs throughout the city and beyond, and our holistic approach continues to bring a unique perspective to the greenery of NYC.

at heart.

What we care about. Read about our sustainability journey here.